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Student Relief Team is proud to be student-run

Over 50+ active division volunteers and 200+ volunteers in reserve


Division Supervisors


Pooyan Sekhavati

Founder and Head of Operations

It all begins with an idea. For me, it was helping the community using my 3D printer to print PPE. Then it became the goal of creating one of the largest student-led Not-For-Profit organizations in London. All I can say is that I feel honored to work along with so many amazing individuals who help make their community a better place.


Melvin Maroon

Director of Community Engagement

I graduated from the Neuroscience program at Western University. At the start of this pandemic frustration was a regular part of my day. I couldn’t help my community at the capacity doctors or NGO’s did. The Student Relief Team provided me the opportunity to help London at a much larger scale than I could individually which comes to show the power of unifying like-minded students. I feel very privileged to work alongside this dedicated team for the benefit of the city.


Alaa Taha

3D Printing Division Co-Coordinator

Hi all! Alaa here. I graduated from UWO studying Pathology. I am with SRT because I want to make a difference at this pressing rough time when our community needs our help the most. I have been passionate about medical innovation and 3D printing early in my undergraduate journey and co-leading the 3D printing division was really an obvious step to take for me. Beyond 3D printing, my involvement with SRT is also as a co-lead for the peer support division. At peer support, we endeavor to create an open, judgment-free, and anonymous space for other students (like us) who want to talk about anything that’s bothering them. I wish everyone the best of luck next fall and stay safe!


Jimmy Wang

Logistics Division Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Jimmy. I graduated from Honor Specialization in Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario, and I am the coordinator of the Logistics Department of the Student Relief Team (SRT). It is a privilege to be able to help the local community with many like-minded individuals, and It is absolutely amazing how far SRT has come since the beginning. I am very excited about what has yet to come!

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Si Cheng Dai

Outreach Division Co-Coordinator

I'm a Toronto-born graduate of the physiology program at the University of Western Ontario. With my father being a perfusionist, I developed an interest in healthcare at an early age. My passion has only grown since then. When the pandemic struck, I became a part of SRT to help out my community — with all of us working together, I'm confident we can make a difference! Stay safe and stay strong!

Jordan Fung

Outreach Division Co-Coordinator

Hey there! I graduated from the medical sciences program studying HSP Physiology. I was inspired by all the initiatives that student leaders around London were doing in response to the outbreak and was excited for an opportunity to lead an initiative myself. I’m excited to be a part of the SRT family and look forward to connecting students with students!

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Emily Carvalhais

Mental Health Division Co-Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am currently completing my 4th year in Biochemistry of Infection and Immunity at Western. The onset of the pandemic motivated me to join SRT and contribute to all the wonderful initiatives! I am unbelievably thankful to have the opportunity to work with so many motivated individuals who want to make a change in our commmunity.


Gagan Geekee

Mental Health Division Co-Coordinator

Hello! My name is Gagan, and I graduated from the University of Western Ontario, studying physiology. When the pandemic came about, I sought out initiatives through which I could stay engaged with the community, and help people stay positive through these difficult times. I joined SRT as a result, which has given me the pleasure of working with a group of highly motivated and like-minded peers in bringing positivity to our community. I hope that through staying informed and helping others better understand and cope with the pandemic, my team can create a positive impact on our community.

Hao Sun

Media Division Co-Coordinator

Hey! I'm Hao and I'm a Western University graduate from the physiology program. I'm super excited to be part of the SRT family and look forward to making a difference during these uneasy times! I'm passionate about giving back to my community, healthcare, and fitness!


Hannah Martin

Media Division Co-Coordinator

Hi, my name is Hannah! I am a graduate of the Medical Sciences and Biology double major program at the University of Western Ontario. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I joined Student Relief Team (SRT), which provided me with an opportunity to help our community during these unprecedented times. I am grateful to be working alongside a great team of individuals, each bringing something different to SRT but collectively coming together to achieve the same goal — to make a positive impact on our community.


Roham Amid

Finance & Fundraising Division Coordinator

I was born in Tehran, Iran and came to Toronto, Canada when I was 12 years old. I am currently studying at Western University where I’ve discovered my passion for community impact after on campus involvement. During my past summers, I’ve worked at UMass, Harvard University, and at an entrepreneurial acquisition firm in healthcare and business. Here at SRT, I want to focus on organizational financial sustainability and expansion in hopes to increase our impact and make the Canadian community a better place.


Elina Farahani

Academic Division Coordinator

I’m currently taking an internship year to work at SickKids Hospital and will be returning for my 4th year studying HSP Physiology & Pharmacology the year after. Reading about the impactful work the SRT has done for the London community inspired me to join the team and give a different, academic edge to the help they have been providing thus far. The SRT is a team of inspiring individuals that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to join.


Our amazing volunteers

3D Printing

Alex L, Emily C, Alissa A, Anjutha S


Fiona Lee, Nabeel Shafi, Keya Patel, Nupur Patel, Jessie Song, May Liu


Maddie Banks, Vivian Tran, Ashley Fung, Nabeel Shafi, Jordan Fung

Finance & Fundraising

Zhilwan M

Mental Health & Guidance

Amal Rizvi, Angela Chang, Asina Suzuk, Denis Margalik, Eeshita Nalawade, Isis Konofal, Kathleen Hon, Mutaher Hamid, Prabhirat Kaur, Sherman Lin, Kevin Sun, Sumin Shin, Melissa Huyn


Rossa Suarez, Alex Hauser, Abby Istvan, Shriya Stenger, Diksha Joshi


Apoorva Saxena, Gabby Ali, Ivy Truong, Kareena Yagambrun, Liam Cosgrove, Maaryah Salyani, Mariam Said

Fitness division