Our Initiatives

With over 200 volunteers and eight divisions, we are a large student-run, not-for-profit organization devoted to helping communities in Ontario 

Each initiative is spearheaded by a division of SRT

3D Printing

The 3D printing division is focused on using their technical expertise in creating and printing models to support the community. The team has so far printed and donated hundreds of personal protective equipment such as ear savers to essential workers and hospitals. At the core of this cooperation, 3D printing division also fosters 3D printing education to other students and aims to continue supporting the community during COVID-19.  We are working towards the goal of procuring thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) to a variety of essential workers.


The Outreach Division is focused on forming real connections with student leaders and London businesses. We’ve reached out to 30+ organizations in London to facilitate the distribution of over 5500 free surgical masks and ear-savers. Additionally, we help update the London Student Volunteer Directory and kicked off this website project.


The Operations division is focused on managing and delivering various inventories to those in need. We've participated in gathering and giving out PPEs to people attending the local #BLM protest. In addition, we are currently arranging PPE deliveries to 15+ local businesses and health institutions, which, in total, involve sanitizing and exporting 7000+ PPEs. We have also taken on delivering food for multiple food banks.


The finance and fundraising division’s roles and responsibilities include budgeting, securing financial support to increase SRT's organizational budget, promotion of GoFundme campaigns and securing donations, reviewing and forecasting the budgets of organizational committees, and directing financial planning and strategy.

Mental Health and Guidance

The goal of the Mental Health Division of the SRT is to provide relief to people struggling as a result of the pandemic. We are currently running a program where volunteers are matched with senior citizens, and through regular phone calls form a relationship with them to help alleviate loneliness.

Peer Support

The peer-support committee provides students with an accessible online chat platform where they can gain emotional, social, or academic support. Students can connect and share what’s on their mind with a peer-support mentor. The mentor’s role is to listen, discuss and engage with your concerns/worries and foster a meaningful and supportive relationship.


The media team acts as the liaison between SRT and the general public. Through social media platforms like Facebook, we help keep the public updated on organization activities. We also work alongside the Information division to help inform the public about COVID developments and academic updates for London students.


The academic team aims to give students of all programs and faculties access to resources that will help them accomplish their academic goals. Our work surrounds distributing open access materials and centralizing resources for ease of access by all students.